Capturing Screen Quickly

  • Due to the current situation in the world most people work and study remotely. First, it seemed to be quite unusual, but now we all have already got used to it. Working from home has a lot of benefits and it saves you time to a certain extent. In our new reality that is a great solution. However, you need to remember that maintaining contact with colleagues is crucial, especially if you work as a part of a team. You may have a problem in the process of completing a task so then you need to share it with your co-workers. Do you know the easiest way to do this? Capturing screen and sending a screenshot is what you do. Take a screenshot screenshot on mac

Capturing Screen Quickly

Taking screenshots easily

  • It is very simple to save the piece of information you can see on your screen right now. And there are a lot of methods to do this. The most popular way of capturing screen is to click on “PrtSc”, but then you need to open an editor, paste the picture, crop it, and complete more steps before you can send it. With Fintest Pro this is done much quicker and easier. See our other functions how to screenshot on mac

Choose Fintest Pro

  • We have developed an easy-to-use extension that is useful for both a QA specialist and a common user. Here capturing screen takes only a few seconds. It is easier than you thought. Additionally, you can select the type of screenshot (the whole screen, a selected area, instant copy, or a full-page screenshot). Save the picture in one of the following formats: WEBP, JPEG, PNG, or PDF. Edit your screenshot if necessary. Add shapes, emojis, or text to highlight any important information. To capture the screen how to screenshot on ipad

Convert audio easily

  • This web-based converter from mp3 into wav is easy-to-use. Switch audio formats in a few clicks! The process of conversion is smooth and quick. Simple interface and clear instructions allow running fast conversions. We recommend you for conversion ppt to pdf online Audio conversion service here audio converter

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