20 benefits of BitcoinAt one time Bitcoin radically changed the world of trading, and it was with its advent that the cryptocurrency industry began to develop. Bitcoin has offered users around the world so many benefits that it makes it one of the most stable things in a very changing world. 

Top reasons to have Bitcoin in your pocket

Let’s focus only on the main ones.

  1. There is a low or no transaction fee. You do not pay for account maintenance, minimum balance maintenance, overdraft, etc.

  2. The process of making international transfers is very simple. Each transaction is free of charge, as there is no need for exchange and other complex schemes that incur additional costs.

  3. Bitcoin is the main currency on cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms such as FenixT.

  4. High transaction processing speed. Most of them happen instantly. In the worst case, it takes about an hour.

  5. All transactions take place under pseudonyms. The only identifier in the Bitcoin network is the address of the blockchain. Even the same user may have several such addresses.

  6. You can use BTC even if you do not have an open bank account.

  7. BTC’s payment potential is improving due to many technical innovations. A good example is the emergence of the Lightning Network.

  8. More and more businesses are accepting BTC as a means of payment.

  9. Fewer restrictions – less risk. Bitcoin offers users autonomy, where cryptocurrency owners have the most control over their assets.

  10. Cryptocurrency is not regulated by the central government, i.e. it is completely decentralized, and does not obey the rules developed by governments.

  11. The payment system is equal. This means that all users have the same rights to send and receive payments.

  12. You can use cryptocurrency even from a mobile device. The main thing is to have access to the Internet.

  13. All operations performed in the blockchain are irreversible. A third party cannot cancel a transaction for any reason.

  14. Bitcoin cannot be stolen. Only someone who has a private wallet key can use the money.

  15. Availability is another feature of BTC.

  16. The value of the assets is estimated. Any fiat currency can depreciate without warning, but not BTC. Based on market markers, you can predict how value will fluctuate.

  17. No inflation. Even after the biggest price declines, Bitcoin has moved up again.

  18. The project is open source, which allows anyone to improve and develop the system, and this makes it even more convenient.

  19. High liquidity means that BTC is easy to sell on any decentralized exchange.

It would seem, and that’s enough. But there is one more thing:

The 20th reason is FenixT

The FenixT platform is a place where even beginners can successfully start a career as a trader and make a fortune. FenixT accepts Bitcoin and allows you to use your assets profitably, earning more and more.

Информация — 22. 06. 2022

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