cleaning services in SpainOur company Tuinmueblevacio has the best specialists in their field. We provide the following services:

Vaciado de oficinas (office cleaning). This keyword refers to the gen. cleaning of offices, removing furniture from the office. In General, the release of the premises for the new owner.

Vaciado pisos Madrid (cleaning of apartments in Madrid). This keyword refers to the removal of furniture, old appliances. Ie, cleaning the premises from anything. This is very common when moving out of an apartment. Or when new owners move in and you need to get rid of the junk.

Vaciado de trasteros en Madrid-cleaning of warehouses. The same as with apartments and offices. Only for larger rooms.

Recogida de trastos viejos-removal of various junk from any premises. If in the first three cases it is cleaning the premises, then there is already a removal of some amount of garbage from certain places. May be out of the premises, may be from the factory.

At first glance, it may seem that the services of such a company are expensive and do not justify their cost. Here you can argue, since such cleaning will be professional and ultimately much cheaper. Cleaning is carried out with the help of special equipment and qualified employees. So don’t worry about expensive floor tiles or leather sofas. The advantages of this type of cleaning include the following factors:

You don’t need to maintain an entire staff of cleaners

There is no need to buy cleaning products and detergents

There is no need to monitor the cleaning process and select new staff if necessary.

Working with us, you get:

Guaranteed quality of work. We work only with proven and trained performers, and we always listen to your wishes.

Transparent pricing and discounts of up to 50% for regular cleaning, you always know the cost of your cleaning before it starts.

Use of professional kärcher equipment, industrial inventory and professional chemistry.

By entrusting cleaning to our company, you can be sure that it will be carried out efficiently, at the agreed time, and after cleaning you will definitely recommend us to your friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

It should be understood that the more expensive the finishing of the room, the more difficult it is to find a smart vacuum cleaner and choose the appropriate detergents. The cost of expenses for a cleaning company is not higher than the salary of a cleaner, and you do not need to worry about the quality of cleaning. Many companies of this type of activity can provide their employees indefinitely. In other words, you can enter into a contract under which specialists will clean your office or production facility on the specified days.

Информация — 10. 08. 2020

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